Torcello, Venice
The island of Torcello located in the northern lagoon of Venice today has 11 inhabitants but came to have a population of about 20,000 people between the 7th and 10th centuries. First settlement in the lagoon where the populations of the mainland fleeing the tribes of Barbarians who came down from Northern Europe. Torcello was an important commercial and religious center. The splendid Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the bell tower, the church of Santa Fosca, the Devil's bridge and the Museum of Torcello. The island gradually depopulated over the years until it was almost completely abandoned. In the small "center" of the island as well as the historic Cipriani inn, loved and narrated by Hemingway, who set the novel "Di la dal fiume tra gli alberi", there are restaurants and bars full of charm. Today Torcello is an oasis of peace, silence, an immersion in nature, an uncontaminated and intact corner 30 minutes from Venice, immersed in the lagoon , surrounded by canals and fishing valleys where life seems to have stopped and time passes with the same rhythms as it once was.
The house is a small Gothic building surrounded by a beautiful garden with swimming pool. Built towards the end of the 17th century, it is the only villa in Torcello and takes its name from the Romanesque church of San Giovanni, whose ruins can still be admired in the garden. The house is beautifully furnished with antiques and equipped with modern comforts, overlooking the canal and from the garden you can enjoy a magnificent view of the island of Burano and the entire Venice lagoon.
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The garden around the house extends over the whole small island of San Giovanni Evangelista, its limits are the sandbanks (lands that emerge from the lagoon during low tides) and the canals that surround it. are the ruins of the ancient church of San Giovanni Evangelista which were brought to light in the 60s of the last century by the Cini Foundation. The swimming pool is located on a small hill obtained from the rubble of the church excavations. years ago, which produces only for family use, occupies a part of it.
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San Giovanni Evangelista is an oasis of peace, silence and ancient charm on the outskirts of Venice. An ideal, exclusive and secluded place that lends itself to the most varied set-ups that allows weddings, parties and events in a magical setting and unique like that of the Venetian lagoon.
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The Venice lagoon is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, a Unesco heritage site since 1987, it is an important ecosystem and survivor of a lagoon estuary system that in Roman times extended from the north of Ravenna to Trieste Located at the end of an enclosed sea, the lagoon is subject to large variations in water level.The marine life includes many species of fish and invertebrates, in addition there is a rich habitat of seabirds, gulls, waders and herons.
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