Torcello, Venice
The house stands on the islet of San Giovanni Evangelista, connected to Torcello by a small bridge. It is the only building left intact of the ancient complex of the San Giovanni Evangelista monastery erected before the year 1000, in which basilica (there are ruins in the garden) the remains of Santa Barbara were preserved, now in Burano, and definitively destroyed in the Napoleonic era. The house, a small Gothic building, was the guesthouse of the convent. Furthermore, sections of the boundary wall still resist. It became the home of fishermen and farmers and was restored together with the large garden in the 50s of the past century, assuming its current appearance.
It can accommodate up to 14 people, furnished with period furniture, has all modern comforts and is equipped with a heating system for the winter months. On the ground floor there are: 2 external verandas, hall, kitchen, dining room, 2 double bedrooms with 1 bathroom, a cloakroom with laundry. The first floor: a large central hall, a sitting room, library, sitting room with TV, 1 double bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, 1 twin bedroom with bathroom. The second floor: 3 double bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A roof terrace offers a 360 ° view of the lagoon. The swimming pool with 2 cabins and 1 bathroom is located in the middle of the garden.
The garden around the house extends over the whole small island of San Giovanni Evangelista, its limits are the sandbanks (lands that emerge from the lagoon during low tides) and the canals that surround it. In the garden there are the ruins of the ancient church of San Giovanni Evangelista which were brought to light in the 1960s by the Cini Foundation. The swimming pool is located on a small hill obtained from the rubble of the church excavations. A vineyard, planted about ten years ago, which produces only for the use of the family, occupies a part of it. During periods of "high water" the garden is invaded by salt water which impregnates the ground and makes the cultivation of plants and their survival at risk. The large garden, its spaces, the large lawn are for the visitor who comes from Venice an amazing glance that conveys a sense of peace and serenity.
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