Isola di San Giovanni Evangelista Torcello
Isola di San Giovanni Evangelista Torcello
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The Venetian Lagoon is the largest wetland in the Mediterranean Basin. It is a major coastal ecosystem and is the
most important survivor of a system of estuarine lagoons that in Roman times extended from Ravenna north to Trieste.
It provided naturally protected conditions for the growth of the Venetian Republic. Consisting of both fresh water
from the rivers that run into it and seawater from the Adriatic it is subject to high variations in water level.
Marine life includes many species of fish and invertebrates while sea birds, waterfowl, and waders proliferate.

The islands surrounding Torcello are: Burano, a charming story-book island known for its brightly colored houses,
once famous for its lace makers. Mazzorbo, once an important trading centre now known for its vineyards, orchards,
and the fourteenth century Church of Santa Caterina. San Francesco del Deserto, an island frequented since Roman
times–Saint Francis landed here on his return from the Holy Land during the Fifth Crusade founding a hermitage,
it now houses a convent and spiritual retreat run by friars. Sant' Erasmo, mostly agricultural, supplies Venice with
the most delicious and sweetest artichokes and zucchini.