Isola di San Giovanni Evangelista Torcello
Isola di San Giovanni Evangelista Torcello
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The house is situated on the island of San Giovanni Evangelista, attached to Torcello by a small bridge.
It is the only building that remains intact from the antique complex of San Giovanni Evangelista erected in the early
years of 1000, in which the Basilica (there are ruins in the garden) had conserved the remnants of Santa Barbara
to whom the nunnery was dedicated and later destroyed in the Napoleanic era. The house, a small gothic palace, was
once the guest quarters of the convent. It later became the home of fishermen and peasants before it, along with its
large garden, was completely and lovingly restored in the 1950's.

It can accommodate 14-15 persons. Decorated with period furniture, it has modern comforts including
heating for the winter months. Ground floor: 2 large outside patios, welcoming entrance, kitchen, dining room,
2 double bedrooms with 1 bathroom, laundry room. First floor: a large central sitting room, library, living room with
TV, master bedroom with private bathroom, double bedroom with bathroom. Second floor: 3 double bedrooms
with twin beds and 2 bathrooms. An "altana" (venetian style terrace) with a 360° view of the lagune.
Swimming pool is located in the center of the ample garden.