Isola di San Giovanni Evangelista Torcello
Isola di San Giovanni Evangelista Torcello
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Torcello is an island in the Venetian lagoon with 24 inhabitants and reminders of an important past in which it
once had about 600,000 people. It was originally built by the residents of the mainland who were escaping the invasion
of the Barbarians coming from Northern Europe. In the years 700 - 900 a.c. the population slowly moved towards
islands more south and more isolated which lead to the construction of Venice. Still remaining perfectly intact is the
Cathedrale of Santa Maria Assunta, famous for its beautiful 11th and 12th century mosaics, the Church of Santa Fosca
and the bell tower, a symbol of the island. In the small center is the historic Locanda Cipriani, a favorite of Hemingway
who spent his days duck hunting nearby and was mentioned in his book "Across the River and Into the Trees".

Torcello today is an oasis of peace and silence, uncontaminated and surrounded by nature only 30 minutes from
Venice ... immersed in lagoon life with its narrow canals and fishing valleys, antique churches and archaeological
ruins – it seems to have stopped in time and all contribute to making it a place of charm, history and grace. Together
with Burano and Murano, it is of fundamental interest for those wanting to understand the lagune and it's link to Venice.